Want to get into Business?

The First Question is WHY…  

For most of us, the reason why we want to be in business is to have more control over our own lives, be our own boss, or invest in business to build wealth.

Many entrepreneurs see business as a personal challenge, and for some the opportunity to add value to others’ lives through a product or service is their driver.

The Second Question is WHAT…

This is an important question, which shouldn’t be underestimated!

All too often we’ve seen good, honest, hard-working motivated people buy the wrong business, or spend their nest egg starting a business without the right direction, and it’s ended up destroying their confidence, their finances and sometimes even their health.

WHO can you trust to help …

Who do you go to for help, for support, for guidance?

Business Brokers?  No

Business Brokers don’t have the time or often even the inclination to help a buyer.  They are acting for the Vendor to sell a business,  so their loyalty lies on the other side of the equation to you as a Buyer.

Accountants?  No

Accountants are great at putting together financial statements and can tell you what each line means literally.  However, they rarely have the time or experience to read between the lines and look at the big picture.

Business Coaches?  

Business Coaches can be great, but they usually come in to help you after you’re in the business … and that may be too late!!

Business Advocates!  Yes … 

Business Detectives are Advocates, Coaches and Mentors.  We are here for you when you want to buy a business, as well as providing guidance to help you if you’re looking to start a business.

At Business Detectives, we assess the business you’re looking to buy before you commit so you know exactly what you’re getting into and we’ll ask you the hard questions that even your best friend won’t do when you’re looking to start your own business.

We are Melanie MacDonald and Rachel Barnes and we can help you BEFORE you buy or start a business. We have owned over a dozen businesses between us (as well as over 100 Investment Properties) and helped, supported and inspired investors for the past decade.

Some of the benefits of using our service…

    lilac-checkWe’ll help you determine the type of business to start or purchase  based on 5 key factors

lilac-check    We’ll help you find out exactly what’s involved in the business… not just the financials but the whole business picture.

lilac-check    We can help you negotiate on the purchase of a business … or save money on the set up of a new one

lilac-check    Banks have tightened their lending, but we have experience in alternative funding options which may suit you

So if you want to get into business, for the first time or for the last time, simply book a complimentary call with us before you sign anything!

Do it NOW!