The RIGHT Time to Buy or Sell a Business is RIGHT Now! 

And the RIGHT Place is RIGHT Here!

That’s right!

Because the world is changing. It’s getting faster and it’s getting smaller, and the way the world does business is changing as a result. Business itself is evolving too, with the myriad of new and exciting ways to market and promote your business, and profit, through online marketing.

Added to that, the Baby Boomer Generation is retiring. Successful business owners are seeking new challenges or are simply happy to move on with the money they’ve already made. They’re ready to sell their businesses and, because of the Global Financial Crisis, many of them are willing to make a deal.

Are YOU one of the more and more people who would love to fire their bosses, given half a chance? Or are YOU one of the many more who would love the opportunity of owning your own business?


Then Buy Australian Businesses could help you! We are the trusted gateway between buyers and sellers of small businesses. We are NOT business brokers simply in it to make a quick buck. We carefully guide and help YOU make the transition from corporate warrior or perhaps housewife ready for more, to proud and successful business owner. PLUS, we complement your exciting new venture with a whole lot of support, learning and fun along the way!

We provide independent business coaching for those looking to get into business with their eyes wide open.

We invite reputable, honest, and ethical sellers who meet BAB’s high standards of integrity, to be interviewed so they can leverage their time and share the benefits of their business with prospective buyers.

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And just in case you were wondering, here are some excellent reasons why it makes more sense for YOU to buy an established business

    lilac-checkThe right Business will be a fantastic investment, with good cash flow, while you secure your financial future at the same time.

lilac-check    You can expect to pay much less to buy an established business than to set one up.

lilac-check    You will have no headaches having to start a new business from scratch.

lilac-check    You could buy a business at a significant discount, and potentially resell it later for up to 10 times more.

lilac-check    Banks have tightened their lending, so business sellers will often help you with financing, minimizing your risk.

Because you’ve been dreaming of the day you’ll leave your job and take charge of your life, you need to take action today. Live your dream of owning and operating your own business and reap the rewards!

Do it NOW!