Love what you do and you won’t work a day in your life!

Are you looking to get into business or considering buying your next business… but just not sure where to focus your attention?  It’s simple when you consider the 4 basic requirements:

1.  Ask yourself Why you want to be in business?  This is important to keep you committed and on track.

2. Find out What sort of business you want?  It’s crucial that you get into the right business for you from the start, otherwise you might as well work be employed!

3.  Learn How to get it.  Yes that means get education, including listening to those who are experienced and can help you avoid mistakes, save you time,

4. When you’ve found it – Go For It!

Although the steps are simple, we understand it’s not always that easy to do.

That’s when you need to leverage the skills, knowledge and experience of others and learn from their mistakes, learn the shortcuts  and get inspired for success!

As your first FREE resource, one very savvy Business woman, mentor, coach, trainer and property investor, Mel MacDonald, who has been recognised for her business skills through Telstra Business Woman of the Year and has had her company listed on the BRW top 500 has agreed to help and provide this very valuable Resource to you.

Mel has kindly provided this resource FREE for you, which she calls the ‘Sweet Spot Analysis’.  Have a play with it now and get some focus!



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