Your Sweet Spot Business Analysis

Confusion, distraction, a lack of focus or direction will stop you in your Business tracks before you can say BAB!

This exercise is designed to clear your thinking, and help you analyse current trends, so that you can decide, focus and take action to increase your income through Business.

You need to consider what projects, businesses or strategies you would find interesting enough, to do for long enough, to reap the rewards!

There are three questions which you need to answer to help you get a cash‐generating idea that works for YOU…

1) What does the marketplace want? (no point in selling something if nobody wants to buy it)

2) What are you good at?

3) What do you enjoy? (sometimes we are good at things but don’t necessarily like doing them)

Sound simple?  Great, then it’s time to proceed.

Let’s see how many of the questions below you can answer – you’ll find that by the end of this exercise, you’ve got a much clearer idea of the type of business that would suit you, and suit the market best!

  • Market Place

  • My skills

  • I enjoy....