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What’s one of the biggest problem for Sellers and their Brokers when their business is on the market?

Tyre Kickers!  Well that’s what you might consider them to be, but really they are prospective buyers.  It’s just that so many potential buyers just don’t know what they want!

You know how time consuming and frustrating it is…They’ll call you and ask all sorts of questions as they try and work out for themselves just what they want.  In fact its been said that over 80% of  people looking for businesses never actually buy one!

Who wants to waste 80% of their time explaining all about the business, to someone who is never going to buy it?  Most good Brokers are much too busy to spend time without having some sort of pre-qualification from an enquirer.  And if you’re selling yourself you’ve probably got even less time as you’re still running the business and doing all the prep work for a potential hand-over when the right buyer walks through that door.

What’s the Answer?

You could become more selective about who you speak to, but then you run the risk of missing out on the perfect candidate accidentally!

OR you can leverage your time and just talk to us at!

Buy Australian Business (BAB) provides the perfect solution with our Seller Spotlight Interviews.

We save you countless hours of precious time – and time means money, as well as open up more opportunities for you to find the perfect buyer!

*It’s simple, fun, effective and takes less than 60 minutes!

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