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This business may not suit everyone, but if you like wildlife, and have a decent sized shed at home this could be a great opportunity to make money working just 12-15 hours per week! Our CEO, Rachel Barnes spent some time looking into this business for her partner and she believes the Sellers are reputable, and the business is viable and profitable.Not only will this Seller Spotlight save you time, give you more information, and provide the opportunity for you to get a feel for the business, but you’ll also get full on Entrepreneurial inspiration with this FREE GIFT when you submit an Expression of Interest.

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Walking with the Wise – Entrepreneur’ massive value within this 312 page Paperback!

No matter where in the world you are, you’re bound to find massive value within the 312 pages of this Entrepreneurspaperback!

Rachel Barnes the founder and CEO of Buy Australian Businesses, is amongst an elite group of co-authors who are successful and motivational people from all over the world!

Australian young gun, Dale Beaumont, is an inspiration to young people as a global presenter and best-selling author. He describes how to ‘Write Your Own Book in 90 Days or Less..’

Nik Halik, licensed and accredited and in demand Stock Market investor, author, facilitator and educator who made his wealth through investing shares with you his strategies including ‘Renting Out Shares’ for massive monthly cash-flow

This is not a ‘shelf-help’ book to just purchase and leave in immaculate condition, this is a real Self-Help read – there’s interest and inspiration on every page from this plethora of exciting authors just ready to be well used and ear-marked!

Patric Chan, the founder of the “You Chan Do It!” Personal Achievement Program, a speaker and internet business coach, writes about “The Missing Gap To Achieve The Wealth and Success You’re Seeking”

Aaron Sim, CEO of Wealth Masters, one of Asia’s leading events promoters writes about the “10 Powerful Tips for Promoting Events Successfully in Asia’

And of course there’s also those Americans that you just can’t get enough of; Brian Tracy, Dan Kennedy, Zig Zigla, Suze Orman, Robert Kiyosaki (with Sharon Lechter) Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Stephen Pierce, John Assaraf, Matt Bacak, and even a bonus section from Chuck Norris…and so the list goes on!