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Rachel Barnes recently selected and interviewed Keith Henry from The Business Hive, to get behind the scenes, in-depth information about this Coaching and Networking opportunity …

Keith Henry – The Seller

We’d suggest you listen to the recording in its entirety for all the information, including  the rewards, risks, processes, systems, suggestions and the financial potential available through the Business Hive.   Meanwhile, to see if it’s likely to suit you, here’s a brief summary about the Business from the Seller, Keith Henry .  Rachel Barnes has added her summary further below too.

Keith explains, “You know how it is when you have a passion to be a business coach, you look for a franchise system already developed that you can use. Unfortunately, most people find that the “system” consists of very little other than a coaching manual, a motivational training program and some client acquisition strategies.

You come back from the franchise training program all pumped up, but the reality soon hits home…. its very hard to get clients and when you finally do get one, you often do not have the right package to help them. 

So how are we different? …the 3 major ways are:

  1.  Firstly, as the name implies, we are a Business Coaching Network that is built around a monthly coaching breakfast to quickly give you a following of 30 to 50 local business people or more. Plus we show you how to launch your own network and how to continually grow it by adding new members every month. Many of these networking members can be your future coaching clients as each month they meet with you to look for new strategies to grow their business.
  2. Secondly, we have developed and packaged our coaching products for you to use at each monthly networking meeting and with your coaching clients, where you lead and facilitate the meetings. These are video based with workbooks and implementation strategies designed by Australia’s top business coaches, for you to use.
  3. Thirdly, we focus each meeting on a new business strategy to grow your client’s sales and profits through our video based products and workbooks. Using our coaching material, we encourage you to focus on helping your clients to implement one new strategyeach month, to grow their business, for which you charge a coaching fee.

 Plus, you get to keep all the money you earn through your network member fees, product sales, seminars and coaching fees. You pay no “franchise” fees, as you only pay for the products we supply you each month to run your business coaching network. 

Rachel Barnes Comments and Summary:

I’ve looked at quite a few Business Coaching models, franchises and licences.  

There’s a few to choose from and most of the ones I’ve found would cost around $40,000 to $50,000 with ongoing franchise or licence fees.

The cost for this business is substantially lower than all the others I’ve looked at.  But it’s not the price alone that attracted me to select this Seller for our Spotlight.  Here’s the benefits I see in this Business:

  1. The very low upfront cost to purchase the Licence.  Exceptional investment of only $3,990 !!
  2. The system and products are professionally presented and ready to use.
  3. The Networking component makes sense and I believe makes a real difference.
  4. The monthly licence fee is a fixed amount to pay for the products only. The fee is $1000 per month – cheaper than most commercial rents.  As the fee is not linked to your revenue, you can make as much money as you like without having to pay more.
  5. The Buyer/Business Owner can be flexible with their personal coaching charges.  Although some coaches can charge $3,000 per month, you have the option to charge what you feel is appropriate.
  6. There’s more than one way to build revenue in this model;  Group Breakfast memberships, fully automated weekly video training, group training workshops, and personal coaching – which you have the choice of outsourcing if you prefer. 

The 12 month Guarantee they offer shouldn’t be necessary, but will certainly provide peace of mind for those who may be stepping into their first business.

Overall it sounds like embarking on this business will allow you to make a positive difference to other Business, enjoy some camaraderie and have Fun in your work!

I’d suggest you listen to the recording, and hear directly from Keith Henry about this business. 

Make your own decision about the Business, and use your own judgement as to whether you think the Seller is open, honest and has integrity.

Go on – Push the red button today to access the Seller Spotlight page and listen and/or download the interview. 


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