New Year – New You 2

New Year –  New YOU : Part 2

Part 2

Achieve 4 Goals in 90 Days!


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Track 1 – 4 Goals in 90 Days

Track 2 – 4 Goals in 90 Days

Track 3 – 4 Goals in 90 Days


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Have You Ever Wondered Why So Few People Set or Achieve Their Goals?

Did you know that *only 14% of people over 50, and 39% people in their 20’s achieved their resolutions in 2012

Resolve this year to

Achieve 4 Goals in 90 Days!

Read on to learn how YOU can be in the top percentile of winners in 2013 – not one of the under-achievers!

In the first Interview with Denise Dunn we discovered the six conscious steps to getting your sub-conscious on track for success, but…

Personal Development Partner for Balanced Sustainable Success

Denise Dunn
Personal Development Partner for
Balanced Sustainable Success

NOW it’s time to find out ….

  • What do we do with last year’s goals that haven’t yet been achieved
  • What 4 Questions we need to answer before we can move forward
  • 10 Good Reasons you NEED to set goals
  • Why you need more than SMART goals
  • How to set balanced goals for a balanced life… AND
  • The 6 Step Strategy to achieve 4 goals in the next 90 days!

Denise Dunn has spent years studying people, their plans, their passion and their problems!

She has combined extensive personal development training, as well as her own experience as a Police Officer, Business Owner, Real Estate Investor, mother and wife, to develop her own unique perspective and specifically tailored program to help others achieve ‘balanced’ and ‘sustainable’ success.

If you’ve ever had trouble setting goals, or planning your strategy around them, or achieving them, then you should definitely listen in as Denise shares the 6 Step Strategy to help you set and achieve 4 goals in the next 90 days.

If you haven’t already listened to the previous interview, please do that first.  

Click here to access the first interview ‘Your Final Project 2012’

Listen to that first recording as Denise explains why you must address 6 key issues before making new plans.

Now you are ready to listen in to this new interview where Denise explains how you can set your new goals with confidence and clarity and achieve them!

Denise doesn’t promote her unique transformation techniques but people find her through word of mouth and referrals. With clients across Australia, Denise has established strong credibility, engendered trust and coached countless clients through her personal development program to achieve success, balance, and life satisfaction.

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...“If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time!”

AIM High and imagine … a Brand New Year, and a Brilliant New You!