Career Change

Do you know this woman?

Career Cate

Career Cate

She’s  somewhere between 30 and 50 years old and she’s been working her way up through the corporate ranks in a continual strive for achievement, recognition, higher income, respect and all round job satisfaction.

Cate has worked really hard on herself and for her employer and takes her career very seriously.  She’s become very business savvy and she’s well organised and primed to be productive.

Career Cate has disappeared!

She could have been made Redundant

She may have decided that it’s time to take more control of her own life and become her own Boss

Leaving the Rat Race to make more Cash?

She may have decided to leave the proverbial ‘rat race’ and be more flexible with working hours for her family

She could be making the most of her years of experience to launch herself into a new business adventure!

We need your HELP!

Her friends, family and old work colleagues are really worried about her.

They think she may be at ‘risk’ because she hasn’t owned a business before, and they’re worried someone will take advantage of her.

They are so worried she’ll fail – that they’ve totally lost sight of her potential to succeed!

If you know this woman, please send her to us at BAB immediately!

We can help her make the transition from corporate warrior to business owner, and ensure she has some fun along the way.

Yes, Cate needs to be aware there’s a lot of business predators out there, but there is help at hand.

We’re here to help provide the information and education she needs to keep safe and savvy!

We want to ensure that any Career Cate gets into the right business from the start, with the right education and the right contacts to help get established and up and running quickly, and effectively.  And of course we’re very mindful that no-one wants to spend a fortune up front!

We take the time to coach Cate so she knows what she wants and has the confidence to change from career to self employed or business owner.

We can also put business Sellers in the Spotlight to share all the information about their business, franchise or licence for sale.

We invite selected and specialist Business owners to provide you (and Cate) with easy listening information, top tips, inspiration and often some very special offers we can negotiate with them too!

Cate are you there?

When you get this message, remember if you want help – we’re just an email away!

We’re with you on your business journey and here’s to your success!