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We make the business buying process simple – especially if it’s your first time

Hi there,

My name is Rachel Barnes, the founder of Buy Australian Businesses.

Rachel Barnes - Founder and Interviewer for BAB

Rachel Barnes – Founder and Interviewer for BAB

Before I can tell you about myself and Buy Australian Businesses though, I’d like to tell you a little bit about how I got to the point I’m at today.

My first venture into the business world was back in the year 2000 when I started investing in property. Then in 2002 I paid an extraordinary amount of money to attend a 5 day training course about property, business and shares.

I quickly learned that I wasn’t interested in shares but that I was sick of my job and that it was absolutely possible for me to own my own business instead. The most important thing I learned though is it doesn’t cost nearly as much as I had thought to get involved with an existing business.

After a joint effort on a real estate business with a friend and business partner to get my footing in the business world, it was time for me to become the owner of my first business.

Using my credit card, I paid $5,000 (plus SAV $2,500) for a hairdressing business, even though I’m not a hairdresser myself! I employed the vendor to run the day-to-day operations for me while I handled things on the back-end like marketing, payroll and accounts.

The business was going well but then I had the offer to partner with others in a national property education business which I loved! That next business kept me busy for several years but eventually I needed a change and decided it was time to sell and invest in another, existing business.

So I started looking around and interviewing several owners about their businesses. In my previous business (and even now) I have conducted a multitude of interviews with property related people, and that experience has definitely paid off. After many interviews with business owners, I got very good at interviewing and was able to get a complete sense of what their entire business process entailed from just a short interview.

It’s amazing how many times the business owner or broker is asking a totally unrealistic prices for a business and you don’t know until you check the figures and ask the right questions.  On the other end of the scale I love it when I find a fantastic opportunity for a new owner, and the vendor will just be happy to see their nurtured business go to the ‘right’ buyer.  I can’t buy them all … and some are great but just not ‘me’.

So I realized  I could help other people by coaching them where necessary, and helping them  find, analyse and buy their new business. And I could record interviews with those Vendors who are happy to talk about their business candidly – and understand the benefits of leverage.  So much better to be interviewed on record and then provide that to all the interested prospects who enquire … such a time saver!

Helping Business Sellers connect to Buyers!

Helping Business Sellers connect to Buyers!

From that idea, Buy Australian Businesses was born.

For those who are interested in buying and running their own business, but don’t have the experience or the confidence, I offer up to 3 months coaching.

For sellers who understand that financials don’t tell the whole story, and see the benefits of  explaining their business and its benefits in more detail ‘on record’, I provide an independent interview for them, edited professionally and provided for their use.

Note that I am NOT a business broker and am not paid commission on any purchase or sale of a business.  I am totally independent.


Rachel Barnes